Creating Drivers for Data Abstract

Editing Creating Drivers

Data Abstract can work with almost all modern databases. Many drivers are supported 'out of the box', but it also allows you to create/configure/plug-in your custom drivers.


Data Abstract for .NET provides support for many existing database drivers through an XML based .daConfig file that describes how Data Abstract will interact with the classes provided b the individual ADO.NET providers. The default version of this .daConfig file is embedded in the Data Abstract assemblies, but can be overridden by providing your own file with custom extensions or modifications at runtime.

Please see How to Configure Additional Drivers (.NET) for details on how to add new drivers to the .daConfig file.


Data Abstract for Delphi provides access to many different database systems, from the most common high-power databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, over smaller database systems like InterBase/Firebird, PostgreSQL and MySQL to embedded databases such as Absolute Database, DBISAM, ElevateDB, NexusDB and SQLite.

Support for each of these database systems is provided by database drivers, which are specifically written to connect Data Abstract to these databases, typically using existing, well-tested and time-proven data access components (DACs) such as ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), Borland Database Engine (BDE), DbExpress (DBX), InterBase Express (IBX) or the thirdparty AnyDAC, SDAC, ODAC, PostgresDAC, IBO, FIBPlus and others.

Please see How to create a Data Abstract Driver (Delphi) for details on how to create new drivers.

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