Working with .relativityClient Files

If your Data Abstract client project contains a .relativityClient File, you can right-click it in the solution tree to generate code that makes it easier to interact with your data in a type-safe way.

Depending on your project platform the IDE will provide an option to "Update/Generate DA LINQ Table Definitions" (.NET) or or "Update/Generate Strongly Typed Data Table Classes". Code generation is currently not supported for Java-platform projects.

_TableDefinition files for Relativity server are generated per Schema exposed by the Domain you are connected to. In most cases, you will only have a single one, but more complex servers might expose data partitioned across multiple schemas and you might want to connect to several or all of them.



Choose the "Update/Generate..." menu item to bring up the "Generate Table Definitions" sheet:



In the sheet, enter the Data Login for your Relativity server domain), and select one of the (potentially several) schemas served by the domain, from the drop-down box.

Once the selection is made, click "Generate Code" to either generate or update the existing _TableDefinitions file in your project.

As mentioned above, _TableDefinition files are maintained per schema. You can perform the above steps multiple times, selecting a different schema each time, to generte code for more than one schema; each file will have the name of the schema it represents as part of the filename:



You will notice that Fire and Water conveniently nest all files related to the .relativityClient file underneath it.