The TBaseZeroConfRegistrationEngine abstract class implements the IZeroConfRegistrationStrategy interface and introduces base functionality for registering services in a ZeroConf environment. It is used internally by the TROZeroConfRegistrationEngine class.

The TBaseZeroConfRegistrationEngine class is implemented by the TROBonjourRegistrationStrategy class, which are used internally by the TROZeroConfRegistrationEngine class, depending on the TROBaseZeroConf.Engine value.

Please note that you should not use those classes directly. If you want to discover your services, the Making Your Services Discoverable describes how.



Instance Methods

RegisterService  protected virtual abstract

Implementation of the IZeroConfRegistrationStrategy.RegisterService method. Registers the aServiceType in the aDomain with the aServiceName.

procedure RegisterService(const aDomain: UnicodeString; const aServiceType: UnicodeString; const aServiceName: UnicodeString; const aPort: integer; aTxtRecord: TBytes)


  • aDomain: Service domain name
  • aServiceType: Service type name
  • aServiceName: Server name
  • aPort: Port on which the service is available
  • aTxtRecord: Additional service information, like channel, message type etc.

Stop  protected virtual abstract

This method should cancel all service registrations made via this instance.

procedure Stop


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