The TBaseZeroConfBrowseStrategy abstract class implements the IZeroConfBrowseStrategy interface and introduces base functionality for retrieving information about the ZeroConf environment and services registered in it.

The TBaseZeroConfBrowseStrategy class is concretely implemented in the TROBonjourBrowseStrategy class, which is used internally by the TROZeroConfBrowseEngine class.

Please note that you should not use those classes directly. If you want to use them, the Discovering Available Services article describes how you may do it.



Instance Methods

Start  protected virtual abstract

Starts searching for services with a specified aServiceType within aDomain.

procedure Start(const aDomain: UnicodeString; const aServiceType: UnicodeString)


  • aDomain: Service domain name
  • aServiceType: Service type this instance should browse for

Stop  protected virtual abstract

Cancels the service search.

procedure Stop


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